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All Kärcher Equipment 220/110 Volt on Sale! Including the HDS 600Ci.
and the Diesel Powered HDS 1000 DE below
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Kärcher Equipment

HDS 600Ci
Cold-Hot-Steam High-pressure Washer
Technical Specifications
Order Number      1.852-4071-408
Operating Pressure   450-1300 PSI
Water Volume          1.3-2.2 GPM
Maximum Temperature        285°F
Electrical Data   110V/1PH/2.1 HP
Weight                    190 LBS
Dimensions       40" x 23" x 29"
HDS600Ci Image
The Kärcher HDS 600Ci is portable and lightweight, designed specifically for applications where versatility and performance are a must. This direct-drive unit is durably constructed of corrosion resistant materials and features cold water, hot water and steam all in one compact unit.
The HDS 600Ci comes equipped with complete machine shut-off at the trigger gun, infinitely variable water volume, operating pressure, temperature control, and chemical metering, a +90% fuel efficient burner system, and a built-in scale inhibitor system to prevent scale build up in the coil. A newly designed machine handle makes the HDS 600Ci easier to maneuver than its predecessor while a convenient storage bracket built directly into the fuel tank neatly houses the electrical cord.
Standard Accessories
50' High-Pressure Hose         
Trigger Gun                    
41" Rotating Spray Wand        
Power Nozzle (15°)             

Sale Price $ 3295.00
Also Available Wet Sand attachment for $100.00
CALL 888-668-9259 TO ORDER
Or order on-line with a Check.

Technical Data:
Water flow rate 4.0 gpm.
Pump pressure 870 - 3045 psi
Max. temp. (feed 12°C) 284/176°F
AVS (Anti-Twist System) yes
Electric starter yes
Consumption gasoline. 1.5 gallons / hour
Engine kW/HP/Make 9.75/13/Honda
Tank capacity Fuel 8 gallon.
Weight 364 lbs.
Dimensions 44.5 x 29.5 x 34 inches.

Standard accessories:

  • 50' high-pressure hose
  • Servopress trigger gun with soft grip
  • 41 inch pivoting lance
  • power nozzle 25°
Designed for professionals who need optimum cleaning power in all those areas where there is no convenient electricity supply. 
 Plant hire businesses, construction companies, farms and forestry services as well as local governments put their trust in this specialist for mobile applications.
Features and Benefit
  • Air cooled 9HP-four-stroke diesel engine with electric start..
    ® Easy to start, robust, high-performance, self-sufficient mobility.
  • Automatic reduction of engine speed when gun is closed.
    ® Reduced noise level and fuel consumption, increased life time.

High-pressure pump  

  • Brass cylinder head with integrated pressure and water flow control, infinitely variable.
    ® Long service life, detergent application by low pressure.

Boiler and burner system

  • High-performance burner, vertical heating coil and permanent ignition, heating capacity: 71kW/61000 kcal.
  • ® Even heat distribution, no corrosion due to condensation, emission values are lower than the statutory values.

Safety and control equipment

  • Low water cut out.
    ® Automatic switch-off of burner when water supply is low,protects against over heating.


  • Sturdy frame from tubular steel, powder coated.
    ® Overall protection to avoid damage under tough use, easy loading by fork lift truck or crane, corrosion resistant.
  • Servo-press gun.
    ® Convenient cleaning without splash back, pressure and water flow adjusted on the gun whilst working.
Target Groups
  • Construction
  • Facade cleaners
  • Painters
  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Shipping trade
  • Public institutions
Gasoline Engine Model
Sale Price $ 6595.00 for
Also Available Wet Sand attachment for $100.00
CALL 888-668-9259 TO ORDER
Or order on-line with a Check.

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