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Pacific Echo Hose

NEW Pacific Echo GREEN EPDM Hose
New Green EPDM Hose Spiralite 2000

Original Black & White EPDM

Original Black & White EPDM Spiralite 2000

Product Benefits
  1. Spiralite is manufactured using only virgin PVC providing a clean, non-marking hose.
  2. Each hose is color coded for easy identification and resistance to sun and ultraviolet light.
  3. Spiralite is lighter than comparable rubber hoses.
  4. Spiralite offers a cost saving over rubber hose and can replace rubber hose in most applications except high heat or pressure.
  5. Spiralite has almost unlimited versatility in application; oil, water, acid alkalis and many food products.

Range of Products

Spiralite 090 PVC all weather Suction hose with rubber-like flexibility
Spiralite 110 PVC Green Standard duty suction hose
Spiralite 111 PVC Gray Standard duty suction hose
Spiralite 113 PVC Green Suction hose
Spiralite 115 PVC Standard duty clear suction hose
Spiralite 120 PVC Corrugated green suction hose
Spiralite 124PS PVC Pipe size corrugated suction hose
Spiralite 125 PVC corrugated clear suction hose
Spiralite 140 PVC Corrugated FDA food handling suction hose
Spiralite 150 PVC oil resistant suction hose
Spiralite 160 PVC corrugated oil resistant suction hose
Spiralite 170 PVC Standard duty FDA food handling suction hose
Spiralite 175 PVC Standard duty all clear FDA food handling suction hose
Spiralite 190 PVC duct hose for blowing applications
Spiralite 191 PVC Duct hose in black for leaf and grass collection
Spiralite 195 PVC Heavy duct hose
Spiralite 310 PVC Yellow spray hose
Spiralite 320 PVC Red spray hose
Spiralite 340 PVC High pressure spray green hose
Spiralite 410 PVC Clear braided hose
Spiralite 510 Clear Non-toxic FDA tubing
Spiralite 850 PVC hose that will glue into rigid PVC fittings
Spiralite 1000 PVC Smooth rubber suction hose
Spiralite 1100 PVC Corrugated rubber suction hose
Spiralite 1200 PVC corrugated rubber duct hose
Spiralite 2000 EPDM Suction hose
Spiralite 2400 EPDM Duct hose
Spiralite 2700 EPDM Suction hose with braid
Spiralite 2800 EPDM Rubber Suction hose with Poly-Ethylene/Solid wire helix
Spiralite 3000 Spiral double bolt clamps
Spiralite 5000 Tank drop hose with static wire
Spiralite 5200 PVC Spring sleeve
Spiralite 5500 PVC Banding sleeve for tank drop hose
Spiralite 5600 PVC Banding sleeve for vapor recovery hose
Spiralite 6200 PVC braided clear corrugated hose

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