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We'll Operate your plant with local people and monitor its condition remotely!!!

We provide the services to cleanup Water and Wastewater around the Globe!

Our goal is to provide wastewater treatment, maintain a healthy, sanitary environment and reduce costs.

We specialize in schools, shopping centers, shopping malls and mining operations.

When local sewage treatment is not an option we provide on site treatment.

Our systems are modular and can grow with your needs.

We can provide recyclable non-potable water for rest rooms, equipment cleanup and irrigation as a byproduct of the treatment process.

We provide the equipment, engineering, construction and installation supervision, operator training and startup.

Global Environmental Services, Inc. provides:
All the Engineering, Construction Savvy, Personnel Training, Operational Startup and Remote Site Monitoring. Treatment Works Approval (TWA) application & NPDES applications and negotiations.

What's New

We Now provide:
All the Maintenance products, chemicals, live bacteria, aerosols, deodorants, flocculent, cleaners and insecticides for the Water and Wastewater Industry.

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