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The ROTORDISKTM RBC has been specifically designed for small and medium flow applications and offers simple, effective and reliable treatment.

Individual installations range in capacity from 500 gallons per day for a small household or cottage, to 100,000 gallons per day such as for a subdivision of 1,000 to 2,000 people. Multiple units service larger requirements.

The ROTORDISKTM unit combines primary settling, biological oxidation, final settling and sludge storage in one integrated system. No skilled operator or complex maintenance is required. The system is entirely enclosed, and therefore ideal for situations where odor control, noise reduction and visual impact must be considered.

If required, advanced wastewater treatment options can be added to the ROTORDISKTM to provide tertiary filtration, denitrification, disinfection or phosphorus reduction.

ROTORDISKTM applications include:
Bulletsingle family dwellings
Bulletmunicipal systems
Bulletsubdivisions and villages
Bulletshopping centers
Bulletwork camps and trailer parks
Bullethotels and motels
Bulletsubsurface mine facilities
Bulletschools and other institutions
Bulletrestaurants and gas stations



Chemdisk Leachate Treatment

The CHEMDISK is a RBC specifically designed for industrial use. Its features include variable speed drive, optional staging, supplemental aeration, and enclosed operation. The system is modular in design so units can be added or removed in response to increased loading or waste minimization and water reuse efforts. The treatment system is not only cost-effective in initial cost, but also in maintenance and operating costs.

The CHEMDISK contains a large inventory of microorganisms, which provide resistance to shock loading and hydraulic surges. Foaming and sludge bulking, which often plague suspended growth systems, are also avoided.

The CHEMDISK system can incorporate the patented BIOSCRUB process, which treats gaseous emissions. Malodorous and other VOCs, which may evolve from industrial wastewater, are captured and destroyed within the single treatment vessel.

The CHEMDISK has been successfully applied to various industrial wastes, including:
landfill leachate and gaseous emissions
Bulletphenolic and plastic resin wastewater
Bulletspent photographic effluents
Bulletfood processing effluents
Bulletpetrochemical and foundry wastewater
Bulletpaint and coating wastes


The BIOSCRUB is a patented process for the treatment of odors, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other contaminated gases. The process uses Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) technology as a single vessel for gas contact, absorption and contaminant destruction.

The BIOSCRUB consists of an enclosed RBC in which a series of closely spaced disks are mounted on a horizontal shaft. Baffles divide the RBC into four interconnected chambers. The gas stream being treated enters one end of the unit and flows between the disks. Water, containing nutrients, flows through the bottom third of the RBC. The water continuously wets the surface of the rotating disks and absorbs contaminants contained in the gas stream. The absorbed contaminants are constantly removed by a layer of active biomass on the surface of the disks. The biomass consists of naturally occurring microorganisms, which convert the contaminants to carbon dioxide and water. Excess biomass is conveyed by the water through the vessel and removed in a clarifier.

The BIOSCRUB can be combined with an RBC wastewater treatment process, permitting the waterborne wastes to serve as supplemental nutrients for the micro-organisms treating odors and VOCs. The combined process allows for the simultaneous removal of aqueous and gaseous wastes, while avoiding the use or production of hazardous chemicals.

Features:   Advantages:
Natural biological oxidation   Little or no chemicals required
    No hazardous oxidants used
    Non-toxic end products
Compact staged process   Concentrated air streams handled
    High treatment efficiency (up to 99.99%)
    Small footprint
Simple mechanical design   Low maintenance costs
    Reliable process
Slow rotation of contact surface   Airborne particulates are removed
    Biomass growth is controlled
    By-products removed
Open flow through contact surfaces   Low pressure losses
    Minimum energy consumption
    Non-plugging surface
Self-regulating process   Minimum operating labor
    No on-line measurements required (pH, O2, etc)
Effective air, biomass, water contact   Moisture maintained on biomass
    Temperature self-regulated
    Nutrients effectively provided to biomass
    Large volume of water to buffer changes in temperature and loading

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